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  • Farewell to Failure - A Practical Guide to Digital Project Management

Farewell to Failure - A Practical Guide to Digital Project Management (FREE Shipping Within Malaysia)

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Author :  Jailani Mustafa

ISBN: 978-981-14-4900-0

Farewell to Failure takes a distinctive look at questions that keep all too many senior executives awake at night. ‘How do I translate my organisation’s strategic plans into reality?” “What should I do if failure is not an option for my project?”

Farewell to Failure was written for organisations or individuals that still stubbornly cling to cumbersome manual ‘stone-age’ project management practices. These methods, despite their familiarity, are plagued with hidden inefficiencies. The time has come to reboot these archaic practices in favour of the ways of the digital age.

It is no longer acceptable to keep teams captive in long meetings and overburdened with pointless administrative and non-value-added work. Being part of a mission-critical project should not spell the end of your work-life balance. Farewell to Failure is your definitive guide to delivering your projects successfully without compromising you or your team’s private time. You can say farewell to failure with confidence!

About The Author:

JAILANI MUSTAFA has successfully delivered many complex business transformations, and IT projects across several different industries around the globe. He has managed to stay on top of them all while simultaneously running multiple enterprises. How does he do it? He summarises the secrets to his success in this book, which he hopes will aspire many to fully and finally embrace the merits of digital project management.

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